Our Clients Love us!  And We Love Them!

Ricardo Cruz 

We were first time home buyers who had a bad experience with another agent before meeting Edith. She restored our faith in Realtors by finding our dream home and explaining the process every step of the way. What a difference to work with a professional. 

Marbel Ordonez 

I am so thankful to have found an agent who is committed to her clients thru the good times of buying our dream house to the bad times of almost loosing it to foreclosure. She worked hard to sell our home and negotiate with the bank a short sale instead of foreclosure. It's a blessing to have an advocate looking out for our best interest.. Thanks Edith my family is forever thankful.  

Tisha Mckay 

Edith's professional experience helped my family move cross country to Texas in 2005. She was totally there for us from start to finish. When my husband and I needed to return to California on short notice, we knew who to call. She really worked hard and got our house sold. I am grateful to have found a trustworthy realtor and friend." 

Kevin Svododa 

I'm an investor and a lender who on a daily basis works with many realtors but when the time came for me to sell my personal property I new that I wanted Edith to list it. I have done many loans for Edith's clients and always herd how satisfied they are with her services. It was my pleasure to experience it for myself.  

Randal Coffman 

Edie Leon has help sell two properties and purchase two properties.  Life has many changes we are thankful we have a realtor who is there for us when we need to upgrade or downsize.  She does a smooth transaction from start to finish.  Thanks for all you have done for our family..  

Juan Ruiz 

Edith help me find my first investment property.  I found her to be honest and professional.  She explain everything to me in detail.  It was such a good experience we had her find a second investment property a few month later.  We were very happy with her services.  We were very lucky to have found her.  Soon after I referred my brother in-law to her so he can start investing.  So far he has purchased one investment property from her and hopes to acquire many more. 

Van Thang 

I’m thankful to Edith for helping me buy my first home.  I did not know how to start or what to do but she helped me every step of the way.  I still visit her at her office when I have questions about my taxes or insurance.  She is a great resource before, during and after I bought my house.  

Duh Cung 

Edith helped me buy my first home in America.  I do not speak the language well so she had to be very patient and explain everything very slowly.  We found the perfect home for our family and she took care of everything for us.    

Patricia Gonzales 

It was a pleasure to work with Edith in 2012 on the purchase of our new home.  I am a single mom and needed a professional who would educate me and guide me thru the real estate transaction process.  It was a great experience.  We closed on time and everything went smoothly.   


Pamela Abeyta 

"Edie is a great realtor. She's not only professional, but she's a person of integrity and character. Those qualities are important to me in whom I do business with - both personally and professionally. She sold our home in a down economy and I would recommend her to any home buyer or seller"...    

Jose A Perez 

When I first wanted to get into the investment rental business I didn't know how to start. I was so glad I met Edie.  She has help from day one.  From buying the correct house to finding a good tenant to leasing the home. I couldn't have found any one better to help me get started in purchasing my investment properties from Washington.  Now we have bought 15 houses with Edie.” 

Stephen Hemmer 

Buying my first house and Edith worked with me to make the whole thing make sense to me and not feel rushed or confused. When I buy my next house I will be looking for Edith to help me again. Thank you for everything Edith. 

Sarah Valenzuela 

 I would just like to share my story. I met Edith at Mimis, She was my regular. I always enjoyed talking to her because I love her energy early in the morning, and also I enjoyed she spoke  Spanish!    When I needed help with a question about real estate I never hesitate to ask her.  She always had  all the answer . When I moved to Allen in 08 I immediately contacted her for help. It took me 5 houses to decide where I live now! She was amazing in helping us find what we were looking for. I love my neighborhood and schools. She is amazing to work with! Thank you Edith 

Brady Muller 

Edie helped me to lease a house after my divorce while I was working on purchasing a home near my children.  She was always available to answer all my questions and show me properties.  She is a great negotiator and professional.  

Maria Cepeda 

My family relocated from Puerto Rico a few years ago.  I am a Broker in Puerto Rico but needed a real pro in Dallas to help us purchase a home.  Edie was fantastic.  She is bilingual and helped us understand real estate in Texas.  


Mathew Morales 

I was 21 years old when Edie Leon helped me purchased my first home.  I had been renting for years until she sat down and went over the process step by step.  I paid less on my mortgage then on my rent.  She is the best!  

Nathaniel Dario

I was a first time homebuyer who had no idea I could buy a house until Edie educated me and and showed me the process.  I am so grateful for her help and mentorship.  The transaction went smooth and she was a master negotiator.  Got me a great deal and negotiated all the repairs. 

Barbara Padron

My husband and I lived in California and in the process to relocate to Dallas when we met with Edie.  She help us find an agent in California and we found our retirement house in Texas.  We were so relieved to have someone we could trust out of state.  Edie would send us homes, videos and tour property for us.  it was so helpful.  She worked very hard for us. 

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