Texas New Construction Facts And Myths

What is the job of a builder’s on-site sales agent?

In todays market builders have made the building process very simply for any buyer to purchase and enjoy a brand-new home. When you visit a builder’s Spec community to view new homes and find one you like, what happens next? Who helps you with the process? 
Most homebuyers don’t know you can work with both your Realtor® and the builder’s on-site sales agent. When you bring your Realtor® to work with you, you can bring them in as a Buyer’s Agent.  A Builder Representative works for the builder and DOES NOT REPRESENT YOU.  A buyers agent will exclusively work for you and represent you needs.  


What is the role of an on-site sales agent and how do they help home buyers?

They explain what makes their homes the best; explain the build process, and help buyers determine what floor plans and features work best for them. 
The roles of both a builder’s on-site sales agent and a Buyer’s Agent are important.   A builder representative, will be very knowledgeable about the community, the floor plans, the features of the home, and the construction process. A Realtor® working with a homebuyer is going to be very knowledgeable about the buyer’s needs and criteria, so we work in partnership to make sure the buyer has a great experience throughout the process.” 


Why should a buyer work with a Realtor® and on-site sales agent? 

One reason buyers go alone is they think they can save money or negotiate the commission into the sales price.  The truth is the builder has already worked any realtor fee into a marketing fee and it will not effect the sales price.  You will only hurt yourself by undergoing a long and legal process on your own. 
All the real estate professionals we talked with told us that as a buyer, it’s your responsibility to disclose to the builder’s on-site sales agent your relationship with a Realtor®  when you initially visit the neighborhood and sales center. Disclosing this relationship early in the process makes it clear who is working together. In fact, it’s best to bring your Realtor® with you when you tour neighborhoods. Their knowledge of each builder, communities and local rules and regulations will save you many questions and time.


What should I expect from my Buyers Agent Realtor® ?

Your agent will help you understand the closing statements and will direct you to the right people to get answers regarding your mortgage, inspection, and legal process of the closing.   The Realtor®  can pull up comparable to make sure the list price and sales price will appraise.


Builder’s on-site sales agents and Realtors® always agree.

You come first!!!  Because you’re the center of the process when it comes to purchasing a new construction home, everyone, no matter their affiliation cares that you experience the best process, get the house you want and have superior communication throughout the entire construction process.  They works as a team and encourage you to speak with each of them to get the information you need when you need it.

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