Home Buyer Tips 

                   In our experience, a house is not a dream home because of its size or color. Its about how you feel when you

                   walk through the front door - the way you can instantly see your life unfolding there. This about more than real

                   estate. It's about your life and your dreams.


Home Showings

We'll arrange to visit the homes you've selected, together and in-person, to determine the best fit for you.

How can I make the most of my time when visiting homes?

What should I expect when visiting homes?

How many homes should I visit?

What should I look for when visiting homes?

Making an Offer

Once you’ve narrowed down your list and have a clear favorite, collaborate with us to make an offer on a home.

What should I include with my offer?

What are the most common contingencies?

What happens if I face multiple offers?

What is a counteroffer?

Execute Contract

The crucial period between an offer and a final contract is an important time to stay in close contact with your Keller Williams agent so you’re equipped with all the information you need to make smart decisions.

What should I expect to see in the contract?

How do I know when to negotiate and when to let go?

What are common contract pitfalls I should avoid?

Schedule Home Inspection

As soon your offer is accepted, you should schedule your home inspection. If you’re buying in a busy season, it may take time to find an available inspector, so rely on your Keller Williams agent to recommend trusted home inspectors.

What is a home inspection?

What’s included on a home inspection?

What should I watch for during the home inspection?

I’ve got the home inspection report, now what?

Get a Home Warranty

Some home sellers pay for a home warranty that covers them while their home is on the market and conveys to the buyers after the sale. You can ask your real estate agent for advice about negotiating for the sellers to pay for a warranty or buying one yourself.

What is a home warranty?

Do I need a home warranty?

What should I look for in a home warranty?


While you may feel jittery before your closing, your KW agent and lender should have you fully prepared for the day. As the buyer, you choose the title company for your title search and the closing. Your agent and lender can recommend reliable title companies.

What should I do before the closing?

What can I expect at the closing?

What paperwork is required to close?

What’s next?

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