Buying A Home In Texas

 Buying a home in the North Dallas area is a great move!  Let's get started.   When we meet we will go over a timeline for purchasing a home, financing for your home, the inspection, the offer, the negotiation, the closing and much more.  Chose representation and work with a Texas Realtor® Our services are FREE to the buyer so why do it alone.  

Selling A Home In Texas

Urban Living Space

Your are ready to sell your home and don't know where to start.  Let Dallas Local Realty Group do a Free seller consultation and walk you through the process.  We understand you want to make the most money and save the most money.  We can work a customize plan to give you great service and net the highest price.  We have proven results of hundreds of homes sold fast and top dollar. 

Leasing A Home

You are not ready to buy but you want the comfort of a home.  Dallas Local Realty Group can find your lease home and prepare you for your future home purchase. 

White Grey Kitchen

For Sale By Owner Help

I can sell my own home.  I want to save money.  I don't want to pay broker fees.  These is what I hear from my future clients during our first consultation.  Then they HIRE ME!  We know how to make you more money by pricing, staging, marketing, negotiations and expertise.   85% of For Sale By Owners hire a Broker.  Call us to go over our special for sale by owner plan. 

Garden Path

Investing In Texas

Your real estate investing goals are important. Flipping home, renting homes out buying commercial space or land.  We are Texas experts!  Let's discuss all your option in the Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate market. 

Warm Interior

Commercial In Texas

You built your business now it's time to find the perfect space to help you grow it. commercial real estate can be a big task for the average business owner.  You are an expert at what you do and we are an expert in the Texas commercial market. Let's discuss your plans. 

Modern Kitchen


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